San Telmo, Hard rock cafe

We woke up with grand plans of going to Recoleta cemetery - "the most beautiful cemetery in the world." I know, I know, that is quite confusing - a beautiful cemetery? That was what everyone said, "You must go to Recoleta!" 

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We walked an hour to get there and when we were a few minutes away, we decided to eat at Hard Rock cafe. We ended up spending an hour there, and by the time we got to the cemetery (5pm) they had closed. It was so funny, how we had sort of wasted the day - walked for an hour, eaten for a few hours and found the cemetery closed...:-) It's good none of us was on a tight schedule.

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We ended up going out again that night, but it was not as much fun as the previous night - I think most of us were tired. 

The next day we went to San Telmo - the oldest neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is characterized by colonial buildings, cafes, tango parlors and antique shops. Seeing artists and dancers on the streets is quite common. It was a Sunday and all the streets were lined with people selling all different types of unique items. I really need to apologize to the guys I went to San Telmo with. They mostly wanted to sight see and I mostly wanted to shop (as soon as I realized that there were great things to buy.)

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One of my favourite sights was that of an old couple tangoing in the middle of the street. It was so beautiful. I remember wishing that in my old age, I would still be with the love of my life and still feel the love. I really find it so cute when I see acts of affection between old couples - cause you know they have gone through thick and thin, and it's so impressive if somehow even after all that, they have that puppy love.

In the evening, we ended up going to this massive club called Club One. That was when I realized that I really really needed to sleep. I was drinking the equivalent of Vodka/Redbulls (but in this case Vodka/Speed - an energy drink found in Argentina.) Despite that I was falling asleep, standing up. I gave up and went home to sleep - my body was officially telling me that full days and full nights would have to come to an end soon.....Age slowly creeping in:-)